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קראתי ככה לקובץ, אין סיבה שאני לא אקרא ככה לסיפור XD פפט

אמ, טוב, ככה.
זה סיפור שנוצר מהדחקה מרובת חודשים של יצירתיות בלתי מוגבלת בשל תנאים בלתי אפשריים בבסיס סגור >;
אז התחלתי לכתוב במחשב שלי ביחידה D;

אין לי באמת שם הגיוני לסיפור הזה, ואני לא בדיוק יכולה לתאר אותו. אבל אני כן יכולה להגיד שהוא מבוסס על הציור הזה:
(אתם יכולים לחפש, יש עוד ציור שלו בגלריה שלי ס: ויהיו עוד כי אני גרועה ומציירת רק אותו בזמן האחרון)

אז הפרקים, בגלל העובדה שאני סוגרת כל שבת שנייה, יתפרסמו אחת לשבועיים, למרות שכבר יש לי שלושה מוכנים, תסתדרו. P:

שם: Thing
פאנדום: מקורי
קאפל: מקורי (:
דירוג: NC-17
הערות: מי שלא מסוגל לסבול אכזריות כלפי אוקאים קטנים ואומללים, או, במקרה הזה, לא כאלה קטנים אבל בכל זאת אומללים, שיעשה לעצמו טובה ולא יקרא. אני מתעללת בדמויות שלי. על הפרק הראשון. (:

"You're UGLY"
That is what he said, Ugly. I thought it was quite arguable, since not only am I not ugly, I think I am actually very nice looking.
But talking back wasn’t very necessary, first of all – he would not be able to hear me. Second – I really didn’t want to get beaten up again after this morning, so I just smiled coldly and shut my mouth.
After he said that he just move away, looking at the next exhibit next to me, he spoke a bit with someone next to him.
As my ability to read lips was truly nice, I caught some of their conversation, as always, there was no indication that this man, out of all the people hanging out at the ‘Market’ would actually take me this time, calling me ugly was the first clue to that, eyeing the kid next to me was the other one.
The ‘Market’ was a renewed version of slave trading, very popular amongst the high class, moderately less at the middle class. And the low class? The low class people were the slaves.
As weird as anyone sane would think, the ‘Market’ was enforced by law; any slave trade would be taxed 25% of the slave value and it was very common seeing senior government representative visiting the place regularly.
The ways of getting the slaves were shady – from lying about money and a job to kidnapping - anything was okay, and was actually unsupervised. The only legal way to find people to sell was either by getting a yearly supply of life sentenced prisoners from the government or buy for a really huge fortune little children from family of poor statues. None of those ways were profitable.

After I have been leaning on my legs for the whole day, they truly started to hurt badly, so as those guys passed me and removed their attention from me, I closed my eyes and let myself change my position into one less attractive, but much more comfortable.
As I let out a painful sight another man noticed me and got closer, dragging the trader who tried to sell him a scared little girl on the other side of the room.
“S-sir! I’m sorry, but this side is not really…” the young trader looked so scared when he looked around him looking for someone superior to help him get the client back to the very expensive part of the ‘Market’.
“Not really what?” even though I could not hear his voice, his lips were quit nice to look at, I kept looking at them from afar, trying to caught any glimpse of their conversation and not returning to my former position even though I knew a few people were sneaking the “I’m going to kill you later” look at me.
“Not really for your class, sir…” the nervous one said, looking at me angrily. “We don’t keep the good stuff here; you won’t find those guys to your liking…”
The client got closer to my glass container regardless of that; he had slim face, a goatee, and wore nice, not expensive looking clothes; I couldn’t get a look at his eyes as they were shaded by a baseball cap.
Another trader came quickly and started throbbing on the glass so hard I thought it would crack; yet I did not pay any attention to that. I was just so tired of that day, and didn’t have any will to look like I want to be traded like an animal for any of those men.
“I’m very sorry sir.” He said with a harsh face “I don’t recommend this one at all, he is very arrogant and assertive as you can see, and much older than what you asked for… if you wish I will lead to a much more suitable-“
“You really should stop that, he looks like he’s in pain.” The man said, pushing the trader away from the container. “Did you beat him up like that?”
“N-no! Of course not…” the trader looked at me venomously and lied with a trembling lip, “he got into a fight this morning, very aggressive, this one, not suitable for you at all…”
Yeah, probably too cheap for him.
“Well that does not matter.” He waved those words away, “get him some medical treatment and put some normal clothes on him, I’m coming for him tomorrow.”
For a moment I didn’t believe what I just saw him say, it was incredible and so weird.
“tha-that’s…” they looked at me amazed, and shook their head as one of the turned on the big “SOLD” sign on the container, blocking my view on the rest of the conversation.
After that, I just sat there. It was… it was a really weird moment for me right there, No one ever looked at me like that, there was not a man in the world that ever felt sorry for people in the ‘Market’, any other stupid rich guy would probably ask them to take me out so he could kick me a bit too, not give medical care…

Those past few years in the ‘Market’ were hard for me, well, surely it's been hard on everyone, being beaten up day after day, ‘checked out’ by perverts in expensive suits, called names – that just can’t be fun unless you’re a pervert yourself. I was not a pervert; I was not even supposed to be here in the first place.
That being said, a lot of people in the containers next to me have been either kidnapped or sold by their parents, a thing I thought was awful. Some of them were cripples- blind or deaf, yet nice looking none the less; some were only little children, and some were there because they were helpless in any category and would never, ever sell.
I was one of the kidnapped, sort of, while the street WAS my home back then, and I was not really taken away against my will, I still consider it a kidnapping, after all, since when does a ten year old who is hungry and tired have a free will?

Being so into my thoughts about the past, I did not pay attention to the lights going out and the humming noise of a few hundred people leaving the ‘Market” for the day. Some with a new slave walking with them, some coming back tomorrow for another look, the nightmare was over.
At once the glass around me retreated into the floor and one of the senior traders grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the counter I sat on.
“You think you’re so smart, huh boy? You make me sick, can’t believe someone is finally going to take you away…” he whispered in my ear with a frog like voice, making me shiver. “‘give him medical treatment’ my ass! You hear me? The only thing you’re going to get today is a nice beating for ruining this sale… you insolent little bastard…”
Answering him was an easy, very stupid choice to make, so I did.
“What can I do? I’m too cute for my own good…” of course, he slapped me hard.
His angry face was like food to my starving soul right now, I just had to continue, “He is going to see that one tomorrow, then he’ll not buy anything from you…”
That’s it, now he will kill me. Nice move there smarty.
Yet, the only thing he did was laugh; I guess that was the time to get worried. “Oh, you think I would go that easy on you? I have a much more suitable punishment, one that no one would be able to see you been through.”
I quivered a bit, looked into his narrow eyes and then shifted my eyes from him, which was when I noticed that all the slaves in the room were looking at us from inside their containers, lurking like hungry animals for any event that could be interesting.
I looked back at him, his lips fluttered with joy, looking at me. “Scared yet? Good. You should be. What do you say, should we do it right here? Embarrass you like you did this all organization… I’m sure they would be THRRILD.”
“There are little kids here…” I said, shaking my head. I kind of had a faint idea about what was going to happen, and didn’t like it one bit, it was too much, way too much.
“You must be kidding, or should I remind you what age you lost your virginity? Huh? I guess you remember, making that gross face…”
I did remember, and it made me shudder. It was the cursed day after I got to this horrible place.
“S-stop it…” my eyes became wet by the second, “you can’t do that… you know you can’t…”
My voice was trembling so hard I could barely understand what I was saying myself, but he did.
“Oh you’re right of course, I can’t, your new owner can.”
It was then that a man, not the nice one with the slim face and the goatee – but the one who called me ugly that morning – who came in.
“He’s not my owner.” I said harshly, “The one from before… the nice guy from before…”
“I told that one you were already sold when he came to pay. Lord Roberts was not very keen about the idea of buying you, but I managed to convince him.”
Okay, so now it became even grosser than before.
“I’ll commit suicide before I do that with him… or you or anyone else… I swear I will.”
With a creaking noise two more glasses containers were opened, belonging to two of the biggest men in the room, past convicts if I was not mistaken.
“You two undress him and hold him down.” His voice was so calm when he said that, so freaking calm.
I released my arm from the trader grip and looked at the both of them fearfully.
“Don’t touch me, any of you… I’m not doing this, I’m not…”
One of the big guys grabbed my shoulder, almost cracking it with his huge hand, his other hand ripped off the cloth I was wearing from my body, I screamed until my throat became sour, yet nobody moved, he didn’t even flinched.
“this guy… he was accused of raping and murdering nine young boys just like yourself… if this stupid country had the death sentence, he’d be getting it. Shall we let him play with you a bit afterwards? Hmm?”
I looked at the man, Roberts, with poisonous eyes as the huge man pinned me to the ground, hunger in his eyes.
“Well than, shall we start?” he smiled gladly, unzipping his pants and getting closer.
I tried to move, it didn’t go well and just dragged a harsh respond from the two men holding me down, as one of them hit my back so hard I could swear something break there.
“I d-don’t want to… stop it…” I was crying now, from the pain, the humiliation… it was so gross I could puke right there.
“Please no… please… don’t come closer…” I whimpered, my eyes went from the man to the slaves in the containers who watched every moment, some with disgust in their eyes, some in passion, but none looked away.
“Why… you seem to have lost your will to fight didn’t you?” Roberts said, “Not so high and mighty now, are we? Now let’s get started… been waiting to do that ever since I spent that ridiculous amount of money on you, let’s see if you’re worth something.”
He positioned himself behind me, and leaned above me.
I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but when he started I knew, and another scream escaped my mouth right away.
“Uh… you like it don’t you? Scream, scream some more…”
“Pervert… damn pervert…” I cried, his hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, giving him a way to get his face next to my neck.
“You smell so nice… I could eat you up right now…”
I bet he could, the fat-ass.
Before I noticed the two giants let me go, guess I was weak enough so they won’t fear me trying to run away.
He turned me over, trying to make me look into his eyes, but I looked aside as fast as I could make myself, his cold hands patted my face softly, I closed my eyes as he gone in and out of me without any consideration to the fact that I was going to faint of the pain caused by my the cracked bones of my back.
By the time he was finished I was on the brick of unconsciousness, my mouth open in a silent scream and my eyes gazing up on the far ceiling in agony. This was not enjoyable at all, and I felt like dying right there.
Roberts got up, wiping the sweat from his forehead and his saliva from the corner of his mouth with a small pink handkerchief.

“You sure he’s not for sale?” He said suddenly, “I think I might change my mind, he is a good fuck…”
I blinked, what was that?
I barely got up and looked at the trader with hurtful eyes. “You lied… he did not buy me… you couldn’t do that!” I screamed, looking at him smile.
“He sure did pay for that… you shouldn’t worry about it in your condition.” He said with a soft, mean voice.
“And you’re still leaving tomorrow, so I just made the best two deals of my life.”
He laughed and escorted Roberts to the exit. “Now, get back to your cage little birdie, you’re going to have a new life starting tomorrow.”

מישומה זה נראה הרבה יותר קצר פה מאשר בוורד. :suspect:
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השכצגפםשםשגכד]פ כבר אמרתי לך שאני אוהבת את הסיפור הזה? ♥
תדפיסי לי את הפרק השני כדי שאוכל לקרוא, או שלחי לי במסן אואואואו משהו. ;_; כי בזמן משמרת אין לי זמן לקרוא ואני רוצה להמשיךךךךךךךךךך!!! >:

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הוווו נראה ממש טובב*~*
*מחכה לפרק הבא*
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תודה ^__^

הנה פרק 2:
Crawling back to my container, tearing up and covering my bruised body with what was left of my cloth, I looked at all the slaves who watched, insulted and humiliated I threatened to kill them all in my heart.
I almost got there, to a place where I could just sleep on the cold counter and forget everything that happened. I needed to forget, like always.
But I couldn’t, my back hurt so bad and my feet were crashing with every step I took, so I just gave up and fell on the floor, exhausted.
Of course I knew that the next morning the other traders who will open the ‘market’ will find me like that and hurt me even more for being out. This miserable life was continuing, it didn’t matter what I did…
I just could not fall asleep there, and the floor was even colder than the counter, so much colder.

The next morning I found myself in my container, wrapped with a warm, new cloth. There was a little piece of bread and cheese beside me and all the blood had been cleaned from me completely.
Other than a bruise here and there, there was no indication of what had happened yesterday.
The only thing remaining was the pain, moving was impossible, and when I tried it only resulted in tears.
“Fuck… fuck this all…”
Lucky for me, the lights were off, so nobody could have seen me laying there half dead and crying like a baby.
Took me awhile to notice that the lights were back on again suddenly, and another moment to realize that I was no longer in the market, at least – not in the room where they sell the slaves.
The man who turned the lights on was the same trader from yesterday’s evening. He looked at me with the same disgusted face as he escorted a young and handsome guy inside the little room.
I watched them silently, unable to stop the tears from coming to my eyes, I didn’t know if it was the pain, or the joy to finally get out of there, I almost didn’t care anymore if that guy IS a pervert or psyco, I just knew he was going to save me from this place and for whatever reason, it annoyed me as hell.
“He looks hurt, did something happened to him?” suddenly I realized I could hear him, the glass was not there anymore and his voice was wonderful…
“No, of course not” The trader lied without giving me a second look, “he’s just so happy to get bought by someone like you sir, believe me…”
The man got closer; he was now wearing a pair of sunglasses, so I still could not see his eyes as he got closer and reached out to me.
“DON’T TOUCH ME!!!” I screamed at him instinctively without thinking about who I was talking to, I shut my eyes right before he brought his hand to my hair, not flustered by my scream he moved his hand through it to my cheek, wiping my tears away.
He sat next to me now, his hand caressing my face softly.
Like you caress a dog’s fur… I told myself bitterly.
“You call that happy? If that is happiness, than making him any happier would mean his death.” He took of his glasses, revealing a pair of gray, wonderfully sharp eyes and frowned at the trader. “I will ask you to leave now, I need some privacy.”
The trader looked at me, threatening silently with no words, but I knew what he wanted, I knew that if I tell anyone, especially this guy, what’s happening in this place I will die. and I saw enough so that I would want to throw all the memories out of me, not doing it was going to be very hard.
“Please leave, now.”
As the trader left I managed to get up to my knees, and then, while turning my back to him I got up on my feet.
The man must have seen something he didn’t want to while watching me get up, because he turned his face at once. Well, he WAS smiling, so I guess it might not have been that horrible for him.
“Don’t they give you something to wear down there? Those weird clothes they put you in are horrible.”
I blushed and hurried to the far side of the counter, and sat there without giving him another look.
“The fourth time…” I said silently, “It’s the fourth time they managed to sell me to some idiotic rich snob. Why the hell do you think that being nice is going to stop me from feeling bad?”
I should just shut up, he might be okay, and I didn’t give him a chance yet.
…but he was going to buy me, with a ridiculous amount of money too, what good guy would buy a human being?
It was a very quick conclusion for me; this guy was trouble like anyone else, nothing could change my mind about him now.
“I start to wonder why you hate me so much already, you just met me.”
“You’re like everyone who comes to this place. You’re selfish.” My voice was much calmer now; it’s always good not to have expectations about anyone, so deciding he is going to be bad to me, at least after a while, was a good start.
His voice didn’t seem angry, “Selfish how? You don’t even know why I bought you.”
I laughed a bit, but it hurt so much it sounded more like a groan than a laugh, he looked at me worryingly.
“Whatever the reason was- making me work for you, raping me, even releasing me, you would do that for yourself, not me. Your money, your pleasure and your good feeling, it’s all about you. Even if you think you’re doing it for me or someone else, it’s so wrong. I know people like you; I have been abused by them for my whole life.”
We sat there quietly, back to back, I didn’t say a word and neither did he, he seemed to be thinking deeply of what I said.
“Well, so you want to stay here?” he said finally, “I can always get someone else, you know.”
For a moment I just kept silent, I couldn’t look at him, didn’t want to see his face as he said that.
“You must be kidding…” I whispered, “I really don’t care what you’re or why you chose me of all those poor things out there, I just want to get out of here. That’s all.”
I got up again, of course not before warning him not to look.
“You’re my savior, but that doesn’t mean I got to like you.”
He grinned.

When we came out of the room together, the trader looked amazed seeing me still walking kind of straight.
“I am so very sorry, sir, perhaps you would want another one? I will arrange you one right away.”
I looked at him, trying to stay unemotional as possible.
“Don’t sweat it, he IS buying me” I said, almost added some naughty words as well, but my new owner preceded me.
“I am. So how much do I owe you?” he took out a fancy checkbook and an even fancier pen, waiting to hear the price.
The trader mumbled something and gave me a hateful look.
“Sorry, didn’t hear you”
He specified an amount of money twice as big as my original ‘price’ and wrote down a receipt; it was for ‘Jack Karasu’, the name seemed to fit almost perfectly.
Jack smiled at me, “well, if that’s all, I think it’s time we go.”
The trader smiled at the check for a while, but as he saw us leaving he stopped us.
“Actually, there are a few things you need to know.” He said quietly, “Not treating this right might end very… unpleasantly.”
He took my hand and pulled me over forcefully, than tilted my head back without paying any attention to my pain.
“Look at this,” he said before Jack could say anything, then pointed at a small diamond shaped stone that has been embedded between my eyebrows for as long as I’ve been there. “This is a machine that contains all information about him – name - that’ll be his serial number or a name you choose, owner, blood type, and eye color… practically everything. It also contains a component that can tell you where he is at any given time, very useful since he keeps running away from his owners every time.”
He finally let go of my chin, but not of my arm.
“It also has cute little feature…” now he tilt my head forwards, showing Jack the back of my head, where a smell needle, tied by two very thin metal wires to the smell stone on my forehead, was stuck.
“If he does anything to annoy you, or if you just want to cause him pain for whatever reason, you activate this.” He said, smiling a crooked smile, “It will inject him with a small dose of a pain causing drug.”
Poison, to be specific.
I looked at jack, the ass-hole didn’t seem agitated by this at all, and he actually smiled! And nodded!
“I’ll be sure to use this if he does something that requires punishing.”
The trader smiled and finally let go of me, I hurried to get away from him, rubbing my neck.
“Well now, unless you want to visit our accessory shop, you’re free to go.” He smiled, rubbing his hands together.
“Oh, we sure do want to visit the accessory shop!” Jack said, and looked quite exited too.
Why, god? Why?

“You know it’s not really an accessory shop, right?” I looked at him, “It’s a Sex shop. With sex accessories.”
He looked at me, didn’t look too surprised. “Yeah, it’s quite popular as well.”
“I’m not wearing anything you get there. Ever.”
He laughed, “Who said that it’s for you? I have a partner you know?”
I looked aside. “Didn’t until now.”
“Don’t be jealous, I’ll get you something too.” He smiled as we opened the door to the pinkest, disturbing and mostly disgusting place I’ve ever seen.
“Oh, it’s great, isn’t it?” he said, pulling me to the nearest stand. “She would just love those.”
“You have a very disturbing girlfriend…” I said and looked away, but trying to avoid all the weird stuff in this place was impossible.
There was everything there – from dildos, to stuff I didn’t even want to think about their usage, porno tapes were scattered all over and on one wall there were even costumes for role playing.
I started to feel sick as we gone deeper into the store – looking at all the rich people clothing their slaves – mostly little boys and girls with clothes that revealed more than it should have.
“It’s sick.” I said quietly, “All of it is just sick.”
He looked at me with a worried look for a while, but after a while he decided to let it go and smiled.
“You just never had a chance to enjoy having sex; I doubt you ever had sex, had you? Being stuck in there and all.”
Oh my god, what world was he living in? The land of rainbows and little unicorns that poop candy?
I didn’t answer that, it was too much to bear right now. There couldn’t be someone that naïve living.
“Are you alright? I didn’t want to insult you, if you were not born to that kind of a family you’d probably be very popular right now. How old are you anyway?”
He just couldn’t stop babbling on, only making himself look more like a stupid snob.
“I’m 16, 17, something like that.” I said, “And I never thought my family was ‘that kind of a family’ they at least did not throw me away for money, I left on my own and paid for it.”
“I’m sorry.”
He should be.
We continued to walk around, he was looking at the different toys and I was looking on the floor.
And then he saw the collars.
According to a little tag below the shelf they sat on, they were designed perfectly for the human neck, had a digital lock that only the fingerprint of a certain person could unlock and came in a various selection of shapes and colors.
Jack looked at me curiously, checking me out with his eyes inch by inch.
“I did say I would get you something, didn’t I?”
“I would bite you.” I warned, “don’t even think of it, just don’t.”
But he was already in dream world, and I was inside an ongoing nightmare.
He held two of them in his hands, a little, sparkly pink one and a bigger, black one with spikes.
“I wonder which one would fit you more…” he said, mostly to himself.
He of course, didn’t care. “Which one do you like more?”
Again, not caring.
I looked aside to the pile of collars, “if you want me to wear one, at least choose one that isn’t so ugly.” I mumbled, and regretted it right after.
He picked a thin, black leather collar that did not have as much decorations but a little red stone embedded in its front.
After that we went to pay, the peddler offered a name tag to go with the collar, and jack gladly accepted the offer.
“I actually forgot to ask your name…” he smiled ashamed and turned to me, scratching his cheek sheepishly.
“…I don’t have one, unless you count my serial number. I forgot the real one ages ago.”
Jack then smiled a cunning smile and whispered something in the peddler’s ear.

After a small while I found myself going out of the ‘market’ for the final time, a collar and a name tag attached to it around my neck, and my hand grasped intensively by Jack’s hand.
“It’s really cute on you.” He tried to cheer me up, didn’t work.
“Just like everyone else…” I whispered, “and what’s it with that name, anyway?! It’s so… argh…”
He seemed surprised. “It’s the name of the Greek god of love and sexuality, and I think that it’s suits you very well…”
“Well, I don’t.”
“Actually, the only thing that you miss is a bow and you’d be shooting darts of love at everyone.” He laughed.
“You ass… it's like I'm your pet dog or something now, isn't it? Putting a collar on my neck, giving me a name, you're too much! The next thing I know you'll be walking me around with a chain.”
I would never tell him that, and for the rest of the way to his car I ignored him the best that I could but… I actually did like the name, MY name.

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אמפג אני אוהבת את זה ♥
כאילו, לומר את האמת: התעללות באנשים מסכנים וכל הקטע עם ההארדקור BDSM מהסוג הזה...... זה פשוט לא my cup of tea, אני מניחה.
אבל בכל זאת לקחתי על עצמי לקרוא את כל מה שכתבת כאן (ובישראטאקו, כי אין כאן פרק שלישי -שיעולשיעול-), ואני ממש אוהבת את זה.
ג'ק מטומטם קצת, ואני לא מחבבת כלכך את איזבל(נכון? איזבל קוראים לה?)
וארוס ♥♥♥ אני מממממממש אוהבת את השם~ -כפייתית כלפי ארוס ואפולו-

ובאופן כללי העלילה נשמעת מבטיחה, וכבר הרבה זמן שלא קראתי משהו מקורי שגם כתוב כל כך טוב.
(-שיעול- צריכה להיגמל מפאנפיקים -שיעול-)
חוץ מכמה שגיאות קטנות הכל נהדר~ מחכה להמשך!

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אה, כן, מסתבר ששכחתי להגיב.
אז, כן~
תאכלו את הלב, אני כבר קראתי עד פרק ארבע |בוב| [... זה היה פרק ארבע, נכון?XD]
את צריכה לפרסם את ההמשך, אבל יותר חשוב- להביא לי את ההמשך! אני רוצה לקרוא לפני כולם, מה, יש לי פריווילגיות בתור מישהי שנמצאת איתך במשך שבועיים O:

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Apocalypse כתב:
אמפג אני אוהבת את זה ♥
כאילו, לומר את האמת: התעללות באנשים מסכנים וכל הקטע עם ההארדקור BDSM מהסוג הזה...... זה פשוט לא my cup of tea, אני מניחה.
אבל בכל זאת לקחתי על עצמי לקרוא את כל מה שכתבת כאן (ובישראטאקו, כי אין כאן פרק שלישי -שיעולשיעול-), ואני ממש אוהבת את זה.
ג'ק מטומטם קצת, ואני לא מחבבת כלכך את איזבל(נכון? איזבל קוראים לה?)
וארוס ♥♥♥ אני מממממממש אוהבת את השם~ -כפייתית כלפי ארוס ואפולו-

ובאופן כללי העלילה נשמעת מבטיחה, וכבר הרבה זמן שלא קראתי משהו מקורי שגם כתוב כל כך טוב.
(-שיעול- צריכה להיגמל מפאנפיקים -שיעול-)
חוץ מכמה שגיאות קטנות הכל נהדר~ מחכה להמשך!

כן, ג'ק ממש טיפש. ._. הא אפיל יותר טיפש בהמשך, הוא פשוט השפוט של איזבל LOL
אבל כן, די הכנתי דמות יותר טובה שיהיה לארוס סאמא סאדיסט וחמוד. (: מתישהו בפרקים הבאים XD
ארוס מהמם וממשיך להיות מהמם לנצחחחח 3>3>3>3>

עטר - אההה וואלה לא זוכרת, מה קראת בפעם האחרונה? LOL אני אבדק כשאני אחזור לבסיס. XD;

אז, טוב, פרק שלוש, הא?

I looked up at him; he was holding a white shirt decorated with velvet and lace
“That’s for your girlfriend? She must have a horrible taste.” I said, turning my head away, guessing what he’d say next.
“Come on, put it on, we have to get some normal clothes on you before I take you home.” He smiled, “Please?”
We were in a big store that sold very ugly, old looking and expansive clothes right in the middle of the street across the ‘market’, people were looking at us more than on the clothes, as, of course, we were more interesting. It wasn’t every day that someone brought a slave to this place, at least not for buying clothes for them.
“You call that normal? I think you got a loose screw in your head.” I moved away from the horrendous garment he tried to push on me and accidently bumped into another man behind me.
The man grabbed my arm at once, strongly.
“Watch your slave!” he said to Jack with a harsh voice, “letting him roam free and utter such stuff, it’s a disgrace, really!”
I tried to get my arm out of his grip, but he was much stronger than me and kept holding without remorse.
“What’s more, buying it clothes? It should be working for those kind of stuff, let him walk naked if you can’t stand the look of this filthy piece. I know I can’t.”
Jack stood there quite shocked, but he got around it very quickly. “I’m sorry, but he did not mean to push you or anything, and I don’t think that your method of treating someone is good for even a street mutt. I’d really appreciate it if you let him go now.”
The man looked at him disgusted and let me go, or more correctly pushed me away to the side, what resulted in a very hurtful fall on a rack of clothes and the unfortunate ripping down of the only garment I had on me.
Jack hurried to my side, not before he yelled at the rude guy and promised him he ‘did not hear the end of this matter.’
He must have been expecting to see me crying or something, because when I looked at him he offered me a napkin, he forgot that I was neither a little kid nor a woman, I moved his hand away.
“Keep that for yourself.” I hissed and got up quickly, never mind that I was now mostly naked and blushed like a tomato, I went behind him, escaping the looks of the other people in the store.
“Get me anything you want, I don’t care that much, just give me something to put on.”
Jack smiled. “I really don’t see why you’re so ashamed, you got a very nice body, and I’m actually envious.”
I snatched the velvet shirt out of his hand and put it on without answering him, blushing even more.
“Okay, fine.” He led me to another side of the store and took out a pair of squared, black and somewhat punkish pants off one of the racks. “Here! Those are nice” he said, “try them on…”
“You got the worst taste in clothes.” I said, but wore them nonetheless. They were tight, almost too tight for me to wear.
“It’s great. You look like a rock star or something.”
“I hate you.”

The fall had suddenly renewed the backache I had from the day before, the one I managed to forget about already, and it was even harsher than before. Pretending that it didn’t hurt was necessary, but hard, so hard.
Only as we got out of the store and into the fancy car that was parking outside did I let myself sigh in pain, alerting his attention.
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Jack asked in a worried manner, his eyes off the road and on to me.
“You are going to get us killed…” I mentioned and his eyes returned right back to where they belonged. “And I’m fine, really. That guy is right anyway, you take too much interest in me, I’m your slave and up to now I haven’t been acting like one, anyone else would have punished me for even opening my mouth.”
“Yeah, well, I’m not like everyone else.” He smiled.
“Yes, you are.” I whispered. But saying it was easier than trying to convince myself.
He was, after all, younger than any of the other owners I had, therefore had less experience and less disappointments in life than most of them, making him less bitter towards the world.
After he mature a bit, he will be like everyone else.
The car galloped across the road, the sun, which I haven’t seen in so long was shining through the open windows and caressed my face softly, and so was the wind, I let myself enjoy that and closed my eyes, letting out another sigh.
Through all the years I’ve been in the ‘market’ I have not breathed fresh air or seen the sun even once.
All those times I’ve been bought they took me from one closed place to another, even when I run away, I never got to enjoy the time outside for long, never got to enjoy freedom. Even now everything was so fake, I wasn’t free, the feeling I had now was going to end so soon…
It took me awhile to notice the car had stopped and that Jack was standing above me now.
“Hey… you fell asleep…” he smiled at me and helped me get out of the car. “Are you hungry? There’s a great restaurant just around the corner.”
Restaurant? That means… food? That was the best news I heard in a while.
“I… I don’t mind.” Just don’t sound desperate, right?
Jack smiled again, god I hated seeing him smiling like that.
“Well, let me just call Isabel.” he said and took a very fancy, high-tech cellphone out of his pocket, “my girlfriend, we’ll meet her there.”
I didn’t answer him; I knew that in a while the device he was holding next to his ear will be used to track me and control every move I do, I remembered the harsh feeling of getting orders injected straight into my veins, painful, unobjectionable. Having to preform anything I am told, kill myself if my owner tells me to or worst, let them do whatever they want to me without saying a word.
For now all he was doing was talking to his girlfriend, naïve looking and cheerful.

“Yeah, meet me there, I got a nice surprise for you…” he said, winking at me, “oh, I think you would like that, it’s wonderful.”
“That’s why you bought me?” I said silently, “a present for your girlfriend? Yeah, that’s really not selfish at all.”
I turned away from him now, trying to ignore his happy voice while he was talking to his girlfriend about me, vaguely, of course, so he won’t ruin the surprise.
We started walking towards a little restaurant. He was talking on and on about stuff with no point whatsoever and did not pay any attention to the road, he almost walked over a cat or two.
“Jack! Jackie!” the shrieking, female voice got carried to us over the wind, jack stopped walking and I, not paying attention, bumped into him.
Before I got a chance to move I found myself being pushed aside by a tall, way taller than me and a bit more than Jack, blonde woman. She hugged Jack while shouting about how much she missed him, and then gave him a big, wet kiss. It was so disgusting.
“You said you have a surprise for me? What is it?” she said, her voice was the most annoying I ever heard, and for some reason I started to wonder what the hell he found in her except for, well, her very, very developed body.
“Well…” Jack didn’t even looked at me, but I guess he must’ve known how annoyed I was, since suddenly he looked a bit nervous.
He pulled a little card from his pocket and handed it to her, for some reason she was very excited.
I walked away from them as they talked excitedly and sat on the edge of the sidewalk, watching the people and the cars go by.
Apparently, they were planning to move in together for a very long time and now, finally, he gave her the key to his place; I was just another gift for her, not of much signification either.
It didn’t take me by surprise when Jack came and patted me on the shoulder, and I got up immediately, facing him and her.
She checked me out thoroughly, inch by inch, and smiled a soothing smile.
“Jackie… it’s so sweet of you! Don’t they cost a lot of money?” she got closer and reached out for my face, than regretted it and pulled her hand back, looking at Jack. “He looks a little upset, did I do something bad?”
“He… he doesn’t like being touched. Last time I tried he threatened to bite my finger off.” Jack joked and laughed, I, on the other hand, was completely serious about that.
“Oh well, he is sooo cute!” she squeaked, “Only the clothes are horrible, I told you to never go shopping without me, didn’t I?”
That was one thing I could agree on, the part about the shopping, not me being so cute.
He started making excuses for why he bought me those clothes while we walked across the street for the little restaurant that stood there, and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that she was looking at me quite a lot while we walked, stalking me with her eyes the whole time. The feeling was way too familiar and all of a sudden horrible memories started to surface above the wall I set to lock them away. I shivered.

The last time I’ve been bought was two years ago. I just turned fifteen years old and my new owner was the birthday present I really did not want to have.
He was middle-aged, not very old but not young either, he had a pair of blue eyes that were colder than the Arctic and a body that would not shame a pro wrestler, other than that he was just another pervert.
That day, the trader warned me that if I let out a single word out of my mouth, I’d be sure to get beaten up by that guy, and when I saw him coming closer I started to really believe that. And unlike the usual me - did not speak a single word.

I opened my eyes, we were at the restaurant and all three of us had our meals waiting on the table, the two of them had already started to eat and were halfway done, my course was still waiting.
“It’s not good?” Jack asked, worried, “I can get you something else if you want…”
“N… no it’s fine…” I hurried to say, and started to dig in the food, “I was daydreaming, sorry.”
Isabel watched me anxiously before returning to her food, “You should not spoil him Jackie. He is just a slave after all, not a royalty.”
Jack, for some unknown reason started laughing; though neither I nor Isabel thought it was any kind of funny, I saw on her face that she was serious about every word.
Then again, not too late after Jack cracked, she started to laugh as well, hugging him closely without even looking in my direction, let alone apologize.

The food was delicious, and once I started eating I could not stop. Most of the men I belonged to before were keeping me on a very strict diet, one also decided to make me work out, thus the body I had today – slightly muscular, but very skinny. I never had tasted this kind of food, or, god forbid, something sweeter than an apple.
“Don’t eat so fast, you’ll choke.” Jack giggled; he was like a kid, now that I thought of it – not much older than I was.
What was he, twenty years old? Nineteen? He was certainly not older than twenty-two, how come someone like that became so rich and so fast?
Either he was a genius, or a very lucky person, or someone left him a lot of money. One thing was clear to me; he was not originally from “the High class”, he was way too… well, naïve for that, not aware of what happened around him, to the looks she gave me, the looks she gave him. She was greedy, probably only after his fortune.
Those thoughts just came coming to my head the longer I stared at the both of them, I had an annoying tendency to do that, make speculations about my owners, and the most annoying thing about that was – they usually were right on the spot.
“I… I’m done” I said quietly, a sudden nausea has spread through my stomach and I could no longer look at the food, probably ate too fast, and quite a lot considering that, until today, the most food I had in a day could compare to the amount a street cat could find in an hour.
“Well than, should we go now?” said Jack, he already paid the bill and got up, looking at me and Isabel with a cheerful expression. “I just can’t wait to show you both your new home, it’s really great.”

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“Just look at him! He is way too skinny.” Was the first thing that man had to say about me as he checked my naked body; not skipping anything, which was, in the very least, not comfortable.

“Well, sir… he is refusing to eat, we are making him eat for his survival but it’s not very effective… that’s why I think you should take him, with a discipline like yours he would not have any saying on matters like that…”

The traders always were great liars, but that was all they were, mostly not harmful, but great liars.

The man laughed and nodded a few times, “He certainly wouldn’t.” he caught one of my hands and held it up, stretching it so much I had to stand on my toes so he wouldn’t tear it off.

“You’re acting all quiet, but your eyes are shouting all you want to say, and so arrogantly.” He whispered in my ear, his other hand creeping down my back, feeling the smooth young skin.

I don’t like arrogant little boys whose attitude has nothing to lean on. You act like that, but your body is so skinny and fragile it would break by a single, light push, with nothing to protect it.”

I closed my eyes as his fingers found their way inside me, shivering and struggling not to say a thing, not to shout.

Stay brave, stay still, it will be over in a while…

The trader looked at us satisfied, I hissed at him with rage, but didn’t let myself move an inch, I was, despite the way I acted, terrified of the man who was now violating me, and didn’t dare say a word back.

“Here, see? You’re shivering like a little girl who’s doing this for the first time, Take it like a man!”

Take it like a man? He must have been joking, but back then I didn’t think like that, anything he said struck me directly and with no remorse, lowering my self-esteem even lower than it already was.

He let go of my hand, and instead took hold of my waist, pulling me to him as he continued to push his fingers up inside me. The only thing I could do was look up at him, right into his Icy eyes, and say whatever I wanted through them without actually saying a single word.

He must not have liked that, because the moment my eyes went up, he pulled his hand out of me and slapped my face, then grabbed my hair, which back then was much longer and graspable than today, and pulled it back.

I let out a little yelp and my eyes filled up with tears, but I did not let myself talk or beg, I was bigger than that, he couldn’t make me do a thing I didn’t want to do, well, at least not something I could control, him raping me was a little more hard to object to.

“Your arrogance amazes me, acting like you’re some kind of a royalty, like you’re bigger than begging. You are not, my boy, you’re just another slave that cannot keep his mouth shut and gets used and thrown out like a tool every time.”

That broke me; he was right, of course. The other two times I’ve been sold I was always treated like some toy; they’d use me and throw me into some room with nothing inside, until the next time.

I whimpered softly, knowing that now the hurtful part was going to happen, he let go of my hair and lay me on the floor, kneeling above me. “Beg. If you do I promise I will not do this.”

I could not fight the tears, and the urge to do just what he said was much more powerful than I thought it would be, instead, I said the only thing I could to make myself focus, the word I should have said that day, when they kidnapped me off the street in an almost kind manner, deceiving me and hiding their true intentions.


His fist was the only thing I saw after that.

“Eros, you’re daydreaming again.”

I looked up, Isabel stood right above me.

“Well, don’t just stand there! I’m sure Jack did not buy you so you could stand around and do nothing all day, I don’t know why he did that, but it certainly was not for that.

“…I’m sorry.” I said quietly, “I just finished cleaning, I…” she was already gone into the next room.

She hated me.

Of course she would, I was a handsome young boy in my best years, with a great body and, to top this all, I was a slave, bound to do whatever I’m told for the rest of my life. I could steal Jack from her in a heartbeat, not that I ever wanted to steal anyone, especially not some guy who bought me for his girlfriend and left me under her caring although we both can’t stand each other, especially not someone like that.

But I guess she did think that, as ever since he showed me to her she’d watch over me with vicious eyes, like she wanted to strangle me or something.

“I’m going outside!” I shouted, and, before she could respond, run out of the door, Jack allowed me at least that much, although, he gave me some limits.

Well, not that it mattered, as long as he didn’t give me orders through a special little machine the market forgot to supply him with, I could do whatever I wanted.

Orders were commands I could not, by any circumstances, defy. They were so powerful, enhanced so much that defying them could actually make me feel a considerable amount of pain, I was so glad when I discovered that he didn’t get one when buying me, though I knew that eventually he would.

It took me quite a while to get used to the idea that I was awake, that’s, because I could not see a single thing.

Everything was dark; the air was dusty and suffocating, almost nonexistent. I knew three things right then – that I was tied up, probably by a chain as I could feel it pressing against my thighs, that I was naked, and that he was there, watching me.

For a moment I tried to move my hands, but they were fettered to each other behind my back with a pair of heavy manacles.

My legs were tied in the most hurting way – my ankles were restrained to each other with a big shackle while either one of my thighs was forced to straddle in another direction by a big chain. Didn’t take me too long to realize that there was something covering my eyes and something in my mouth, preventing me from making any noise.

Did he buy me? Was I still in the market? Why did I always end up going to the most disturbed and perverted people in the world?

“You want to say something, slave?” his voice startled me even though I knew he was there, “I just might relieve your pain if you apologize…”

I raised my head a bit, staring blindly at the direction of his voice.

He came closer, removing the cloth from my eyes and taking out the thing I had in my mouth. I coughed miserably and looked away as he moved toward me.

“You have something to say?” he said, his hand embraced my thigh, pushing it even more against the floor, it hurt like hell.

I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes tight; he would not get what he wants.

“Are you sure? I think you should just say it, it’ll be much more enjoyable for you if you do…”

“I… I’m…” don’t say it. “I’m so… sorry… please release me…”

“That’s just not enough.” He, apathetic to my begging, opened his pants and came closer. “You’re much cuter when you don’t talk.”

I looked away from him. But his hand forced me to look back.

“No…! Leave me alone… please…” I cried, of course I knew he would never do that, and being tied up, I had no chance to run. That didn’t stop me from trying.

I walked through the street, ignoring the looks I got from every grown men or women who walked by me. I almost got to the corner where Jack told me I could not go beyond, two streets away from his apartment.

It wasn’t a very special corner, it had a small stand selling candies and newspapers, and it was very dirty and loaded with people, but really, nothing very special about it.

I sat on the sideway and leaned over a wall of a huge building.

I was tired, tired of the memories, tired of Isabel, tired of my miserable life. I just wanted to give it all up…

“Oi, slave. Get up.”

I looked up, a bunch of older teens stood around me

They were wearing expansive clothes and had smug smiles all over their faces, thinking they just hit the jackpot.

“I don’t want to.” I said, looking away, “leave me be.”

“Not very polite, are we?” said one of them, “We said - GET UP!” he grabbed the collar around my neck and forced me on my legs. I – not being so focused, could not avoid it.

They laughed; two of them were holding my arms and one came close to me, looking into my eyes. I returned a hateful look.

“We got one with spike! Look at him, all high and mighty in his expansive clothes and little gem stuck in his forehead… did you run-away, slave? I’m sure your owner will be very grateful if we brought you back…”

I hissed at him and looked away, “He gave me permission to go outside, leave me alone…”

The boy took out his cellphone, putting it next to the little stone in my forehead, the screen lit up immediately, displaying my information.

“Wow, that’s some fancy stuff. Look how much he cost!” He said, “Eros? That’s your name?”

I nodded slowly. “That’s what he named me.”

One of the boys got even closer to me, his face was so close to mine that our noses actually touched each other. “He has weird taste for names, doesn’t he? Though it does somewhat suits you…”

“Dude… that’s just weird.” Said another one, pulling him away. “Are you gay or something?!

“Of course not, he is a slave - hitting that can’t really be considered weird. You cannot even call it a ‘he’!”

“That’s why I’m saying it’s weird! It’s like doing an animal or something.”

“That’s not what your mother thinks!”

The two guys who were holding me laughed and their grip weakened, so it didn’t take me too much effort to get loose and start running in the other direction, bumping into at least three different people in my escape

Those were the life of a slave, downgraded from a human being into something with less value than an animal; even with an owner I would forever be looked at differently, no one to give me shelter, no one to give me remorse.

It took me some time to realize I was back in Jack building, took me even longer to realize that I was crying.

I could not go up to the apartment, could not stand to think that he, or worst – Isabel, would see me like this.

I sat on the stairs and covered my face, trying to silence myself, though no one would have climbed the stairs in that hour, and no one could hear me.

I should not be crying, I need to be strong, I can’t give in…

But I was already broken, absolutely shuttered.

“Slave… did I allow you to sleep?” I woke up immediately with a burst of a sudden pain. Looking up at him, I could barely see a blurred shape of a man; I knew I was drugged with something, and my head was full of clouds and no thoughts at all because of that.

My ankles and thighs were finally loose, but my hands were still tied up behind my back.

“You look awfully empty, got nothing to say now right?” he said and sat next to me. “You probably don’t even remember anything, do you?”

I could feel the tears starting to go down my cheeks, though I didn’t really know why they did, what did he do to me? What couldn’t I remember?

“Here you go, you must be hungry…” he brought a fork close to my mouth, and I let him feed me. I could not feel the taste of the food or think of what was happening, I was just grateful to eat at that moment, happy to see some kind of pity coming my way.

“You are beautiful…” he caressed my hair, the long, auburn hair I had back then, wiping away the tears I could not stop from coming.

“Just wonderful.”

“Eros, you’re crying?” Jack sat next to me on the stairs, his hand my caressing my nape softly, relaxing. “Why? What happened?”

I didn’t raise my head, I could not stand looking at him, could not stand the thought of him seeing me like this.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything bad to you… did Isabel say something to you? She can be a bit tactless…”

It was always about her, wasn’t it?

“Do you think there’s a place in hell reserved for people like me? A place to make the living hell that my life is look like paradise?” I don’t even know why I asked him that. And I don’t remember him giving me an answer, just helping me stand up and take me to the elevator, then – told me to go to sleep for the rest of the day and to take it easy.
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סוףסוף מצישכגדחלדשגיכלחךשדגכ
אני אקרא כשאסיים עם הדוחסיורהמטומטם הזה, ואז אגיב בצורה נורמלית. ):
אבל סוףסוףףףףףףףףףף

אז התעלמתי באופן כמעט מוחלט מהדוחסיור שלי וקראתי את זה ו-יחדשכגיגדשכלחדכחדשחלכישדךלחכדףףשפםקםןרובלסבצמנ]פ
אני אוהבת אותך. ):
וארוס כזה קוש ♥
וג'ק!!! כחשדגכילחשכש אני מממממש אוהבת את הדמות שלו. ♥♥♥ (אני יודעת שהיא הייתה שם בערך 3 שורות אבל שקט נו כחלדשיגכךף)
ואני דורשת עוד פרק. ;;

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למרות שג'ק הוא אחת הדמויות היותר שטוחות פה, אני גם אוהבת אותו. 3> למרות שאני יותר אוהבת דמות שמצטרפת רק בפרק הבא, אז כזה. .__. (הסאמא האמיתי של ארוס בפרק הבאאאא יאיי 3> כאילו, לא האמיתי, הזמני, עד שג'ק יתעשת ויבין שהוא אומו.)

אה, ולאלו מכם שתהו, גם ציירתי את הדמויות. אתם מוזמנים להסתכל לי בגלריה אם בא לכם. ס:

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ראיתי כבר את התמונות בישראטאקו XD אבל לא הגבתי שם כי אני עצלנית: את מציירת ממש טוב 3>
בתמונה החדשה של ארוס יש קצת הרגשה של חוסר פרופורציות אבל חוץ מזה הכל מדהים~ אהבתי את הציור של הארנב ;__; הוא נראה ממש חמוד(בדרך אוקא-ית והומואית למדי)

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פרק חמש, יאוי אלים בהמשך, הקריאה באחריותכם וכו. יאיי~~~

I decided to run away.
It was that decision that always came at some point, mostly it was after a terrible thing had been done to me by my owners, but this time, it was just the hobby of doing that, and I wanted to see how Jack would react.
Would he be mad? Would he forgive me? Would he even care?

I been there for a month now, and Jack relations with me hasn’t changed a single bit, He still haven’t touched me and let me speak to him like an equal and sometimes even more than that, and I still thought he was a mindless rich snob, the only thing that changed was the fact that I was much more attached to him now than I ever was with any other person in my life. I actually could not bear the thought of running away now, I knew that if I do I could end up back in the market, and this time – they would not let me get away with this unharmed at all.
I had a mostly good life, and my reasons for running away were so… so childish.
But this life, to be a slave… death was better than that.
One other thing that convinced me that was that Jack just received the little device that could make my life even more of a living hell.
Well, he wasn’t going to use that, he promised me that, but if that thing fell into Isabel’s hands, I knew she would.

“Jackie, you always said he is mine as well!”
Here they go again, she is screaming to get commanding rights over me and Jack, as always, saying no.
“Just because we have this device doesn’t mean we need to use it.” He says with a somewhat harsh voice, “it’ll cause him great pain, he does not deserve that.”
She gave him a sour face, then wrapped her arms around his neck and pecked him on his cheek. “But Jackie, he never does what I tell him to do, he only listens to you… it’s not fair…”
“It’s because you’re not nice to him.” He said to her, “you should talk to him as a human being, he is, after all.”
“Well, yeah, but he is a slave. I know how to act with the… well, normal kind, but he is just weird, he does whatever he wants! You know how many times a day he just runs outside? No one I know lets their slaves out of the house alone, you’re just TOO nice.”
“We are not talking about it right now.” Jack said, shoving her away. “I’m going to work, okay? Don’t go too hard on him and it’ll be fine…”
She gave him another sour look and gone to another room, leaving the two of us alone.
Jack patted on my shoulder before heading towards the door. “Sorry you had to see that, she is a bit hard to handle, but she is a very good person, you know?”
I didn’t say a thing, he was just too naïve, he would not understand.
“What would you do if I ran away?” I said suddenly with no real planning, it was a stupid thing to ask, but it was better than actually trying and seeing.
“Are you making plans?” Jack laughed, “If so, than it’s not very wise to tell me about them, I might just lock you in.”
“That never stopped me with the previous guys.” I said, looking at him. “I mean it, what would you do?”
Jack seemed to think of it for a few minutes, and then looked on his clock nervously. “Well… I… I’m late; we’ll talk about it later, okay? Just… don’t run away or anything until I get back.”
I smiled and promised that I won’t, but he still looked kind of worried when he left.

“He doesn’t care about you.” Isabel stood in the back of the room, staring at me with viscous eyes and a smug smile.
I looked back at her, “I know.”
“It doesn’t seem like you do.” She said, getting close, “you think that he chose you for a reason – and I can see why, you’re much older than most of the slaves that are meant for this kind of a thing, you’re arrogant and mean, there is not a single reason for him to buy you. Absolutely none. The only thing he felt towards you is pity and even that is not there anymore.”
I looked away from her.
“You don’t want to hear that huh? You know that it’s true.”
“You need me to do anything? If not then I’m going out.” I said and started walking towards the door. I could almost feel her eyes burning holes in my back.
“No you’re not.” She said, but it was not her usual voice, at least, it did not have the same effect as her usual voice.
I turned back, just in time to see her sneak something into the pocket of her pants.
“Why do you have that?” I growled, her words still echoing through my head, clouding it from any other thoughts.
“Come here, Eros.” She whispered, and I did, trying not to do it was too painful.
“Oh my god, it’s really working!” she squealed, jumping in her place in joy, “Kneel!”
I fell to my knees before her, much to her enthusiasm; to me it was like someone just dropped a pile of rocks on my back, forcing me to commit her biddings.
“Stop it… it hurts…” I said slowly, looking at her angrily, “it really hurts… stop…”
“Oh shut up…” she said, and I immediately did.
“I just can’t believe how useful this thing is, I wish I had it earlier…” she said happily, walking away from me and sitting on the couch, staring at me with a smile. “Now. Go and bring me something tasty, little doggie.”
I was right all along, she was evil.

The day just kept worsening after that, if that was even possible. Isabel came up with all kinds of ideas for humiliating me and forced me to run around the house like I’m some kind of a robot with unlimited power.
What’s more, she decided to give me a new pet name she thought was funny, I found it, combined with the collar around my neck, to be very shaming.
“Doggie! Come here.” She called, when I did she ordered me to ‘sit’, which, in that context, meant kneeling on the floor next to her.
“You’re too slow.” she said, and then hit my nose with the magazine she was reading. The humiliation was horrible. “Come faster next time, is that clear?”
I nodded, looking at her with miserable eyes in hope she’ll have some mercy, a false hope.
“Good dog.”
“I hate you.” Those three words I just had to say were the first I dared to say since she ordered me to keep my mouth shut and they cost me dearly.
She watched me quietly as I folded in pain, my eyes tearing and throat burning, I couldn’t even scream or make a sound. As well as I’ve known this feeling from past experiences, it was now even more painful, it always was more painful.
“Next time just listen to what I tell you…” she said and got up, kicking me in her way out of the room. “Good for nothing whelp.”
It took me a few minutes to come around; the pain had gone like it came, sudden and smooth. I never wanted to feel it again, but I just knew that I would.
After all, if there was something I couldn’t stand was my pride being stomped at, though it’s been crashed so many times I often wondered if there was something left of it for me to really fight for.
But that did not matter right now, what did matter was that she was gone; I could swear I could hear the front door being slammed on her way out.
And unless she took that thing with her, it was the perfect opportunity to find and crash it, before she or Jack gets back.
I got up, the pain was completely gone by now, and my mind became more and more clear by the second, the orders were not effective as long as she wasn’t there, and she probably didn’t hold that thing with her either.
Everything was okay, at least I thought so.
I started checking all of the drawers in the apartment; some of them had small portions of money in them, some only had plain papers which I couldn’t read, some were empty.
It was not in the house, she must have taken it.

Either way, I felt a bit nauseous and dizziness coming onto me from just being inside, and, although I knew that if Jack came to an entirely empty house he would be worried, I decided to go out for a while, even to seat a bit on the street outside, even not to go so far, just around the corner…
But, considering the stuff I said earlier, he would not just be worried if I go out, he’d also be mad at me, and that was something I didn’t want.
I looked around, the house was a bit of a mess because of my search, but I didn’t care, I was angry and very tired, so I got on the couch and closed my eyes, waiting for the sleep to take over.

“The door is open! You’d except that a place like this would have a better security, being so fancy…”
“Are you sure the owners are not home? We could get into real trouble; we are breaking in after all…”
“Stop being such a wuss. The owner’s not here; and my sister gave us this so no one would found out.”
“I guess so, but…”
The voices woke me up pretty quick, I could hear them when they were still outside of the apartment, and recognized them without much effort. They were the same kids from that other day, whom I wished to never meet again.
I stayed still, pretending to be sleeping. If I am lucky they wouldn’t notice me at all and just go away…
I should’ve gone away as I wanted, Jack worrying should not have bothered me, and now I really had something to worry about.
“Where is it? We really should just take it and go…”
“Take it? Why don’t we just do it here? It’d be much easier…”
“It’s here!” a much closer voice, too close, right next to me. I shivered a bit, not opening my eyes; I knew that they were surrounding me, right next to me, so close…
“Why, don’t you look familiar…” said the same one who found me, the same one who wanted to ‘do me’ that day, I recognized his voice, the cold feeling it gave. “Stop pretending, we know you’re awake, you’re shivering like you’re in a freezer.”
I relaxed my body, opening my eyes, but I didn’t dare look at them, eyes full of lechery toward me was the last thing I wanted to see at that moment, this life would never leave me; Not even here at my home, never safe…
“You can’t be here, you are breaking in… it’s against the law.” I muttered, entrenching myself deeper in the couch. “Go away… go away…” I closed my eyes again as a hand took a grip of my shoulder forcefully, and continued to chant the same words: “go away… go…”
He forced me to roll over and face him, which was the time I realized that my mind still wasn’t as clear as I thought, I felt dizzy just like before, like when Isabel gave me the orders, and I couldn’t see clearly at all.
Maybe it was the fear crawling inside my heart, it probably was, because I just froze there – looking at them watching me, planning what to do to me, not anything pleasant I was sure.
“I still think we should take him away.” Muttered one, “If someone were to walk in on us, aw, just thinking about it disgusts me!”
“Like I said – stop being a wuss. I do agree we shouldn’t do it right here, sis would kill me if I messed this place up.” Said the one who held me, I took me a second before I realized – he looked way too much like Isabel, the same hair color, the same cocky blue eyes that, when looking at you viciously, could freeze you over. The same annoying manner of moving and talking and, well, almost anything. If his hair wasn’t this short I’d think that she was the one staring down at me now.
He pulled me off the couch, making me fall onto the floor and got above me, his eyes shone brightly as he started stripping me of my clothes, I just shut down, I suddenly was too tired and too dizzy to even understand the situation, even though I understood it perfectly just a minute ago.
They must have decided to stay here; I could hear what they were saying, though processing it was a different matter.
“At least take him to another room, they must have a storage room here…”
The blonde guy looked at him angrily. “Fine. Go find one while I have the first go, okay? And bring me a glass of water; he looks like he needs to be woken up.”
The other kid looked hesitated, but went, and soon enough a splash of water was thrown in my face and, surprisingly enough really woke me up.
“Get off me…” I whispered after he did that, not realizing at first that he was more than on top of me, he was INSIDE of me, and it hurt. “Get off!!!”
He ignored me and held me stronger, closing his eyes in pleasure I could not feel, could not understand.
“Wow, whatever sister drugged you with, it done wonders to your reactions.” He smiled, “you don’t really want me to get off now, do you? With a face like that, you were enjoying it until I woke you, weren’t you?”
I closed my eyes, “no… no I wasn’t… get off me… I don’t want to… I don’t want to…”
The other ones cheered him on; they shouted stuff that were way too insulting for me to ignore, so I tried to get loose while cursing them the best I could, it must have gotten to one of them as he decided to kick me all of a sudden.
I cried out, just to be silenced by the hand of the youth raping me. “Now, now, we don’t want to whole neighborhood to hear you…”
He took out something familiar from the pocket of his pants, a little piece of machinery Isabel used earlier that day to make my life harder.
“No… no…” I cried; I knew that like this I wouldn’t have a choice, not a chance to run from them. It was worse than anything else I had to deal with that day, much, much worse.
“Yes…” he smiled, turned it up and placed it close to his lips, saying my name quietly into the machine, he played with it, rolled it in his mouth , enjoying the pain I was experiencing, having that name, said in his voice clouding all of my thoughts.
“Eros… it’s such a nice, befitting name for you.” He whispered, “God of lust, a little Greek god fallen to our earth…”
I looked at him - directly in his eyes, cursing him silently. I was scared and pained, but what I felt at the moment was much more than that, the things he said clouded my thoughts, didn’t allow me to think of anything but how much right he was, I was just like that; I must have been or otherwise – why would I have to go through stuff like that?
“We are going to pleasure ourselves using your body…” he whispered. “Each and every one of us. Maybe even twice if we have the time… You can cry, you can resist, make it more interesting… but you will not run away, you will not shout, you will not do anything that might ignite somebody interest in this place. You will act like what you are, a little, obedient dog. You will do whatever we tell you to do.”
He came out of me without finishing and made me stand up, shoving me against the wall so that I faced toward it, and with a duct tape attached both of my wrists together behind my back.
He leaned above me, one of his hands keeping me restrained against the wall while the other one went up my torso to my chest; feeling and teasing my body.
“Look at you, all red, aroused… I almost could think you are a real human being…” he laughed, “a funny joke, isn’t it? Because, you know, slaves are just puppets, a slave had his humanity removed, stripped away from you just like I stripped you of your clothes, you’re just an object, nothing more…”
“Nothing… more…” I repeated after him, the tears burned down my cheeks and I closed my eyes, everything he said was now the truth, an irresistible truth. “I’m not… human… ugh… not worthy…”
“That’s right…” his hand went down now, feeling my skin, caressing it softly. “Continue, keep talking, cry…”
I bit my lips, nothing was more painful for me than this, not his hand on me, not him thrusting himself inside me, I could hardly feel any of those anymore, after so many years that was the last thing to bother me at all, it was the humiliation that caused me pain every single time, and now it was multiplied a thousand times over.
“I’m not… agh… ah… not good enough… I’m lesser than a worm…” I groaned, “I shouldn’t even be alive… I shouldn’t have been born…”
My eyes opened wide when I said that, I really wasn’t meant to be born, I wasn’t supposed to live, and this miserable life was just a punishment for just that, an ongoing one.
“This is boring! Fuck him already so that all of us can get a ride too!” shouted one of the youths, all the others apparently agreed, and shouted at him to hurry up, time was running out.
He smiled at them and turned me over, I hurried to look away from him, and he, on his end, shoved his fingers into my mouth, commanding me to suck on them.
“It’ll make it much easier for me to come inside you… and much less painful for you, though – I’m going not going to let you enjoy it, making it the worst that I can for you…” he whispered in my ear as he took his wet fingers out of my mouth – moving them slowly down my body and inserting them straight into my entrance.
I moaned in pain, a puddle of my tears was actually starting to form on the floor when he took out his fingers, continuing to tease me around that area for a few minutes.
I was already familiar with all of those stuff, I was familiar with worse than that; but it didn’t make me feel any better to know that, all I knew at the moment was that whatever he did hurt, both physically and mentally.
“I…” I gulped and closed my eyes, “I am about to… ah… abou… wha… what..?”
He didn’t let me finish, he just put his hand there and teased me, then held it in a way that prevented me from coming, it was unbearable.
“L-let me… I… I can’t… no… it hurts…” I whimpered, shivering in pain.
“You can’t finish before I do.” He warned me, not letting go, he shoved himself into me even more forcefully than before. “Is that clear, slave?”
I whimpered again, closing my eyes in agony.
I wished that Jack would just come back already, that he would save me from this, but on the other hand I did not want him to ever come through that door, He couldn’t see me like this, he couldn’t. I just knew it would break his heart, it sure did break mine.
The teen continued to go in and out, fast and forceful, it actually didn’t take that long for him to cum inside me, and as he did and released me, I did too.
I fell to the floor on my knees and buried my face in my hands in shame while he was just standing above me panting and smiling.
He looked like he just had a marvelous experiment and as he pointed out to his friends that they can now do whatever they want to me now, he sent me one last lustful look telling me that he wasn’t satisfied yet, that he would never be satisfied
:D :D :D :D :D
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-נשבר הלב- ארוס ):
ו-ישגדכלחידגשחכישדגכ אני ממש אוהבת ג'ק, אוקיי? XD
צר לי להודיע לך אבל הוא הדמות האהובה עלי.

ואיזבל מטומטמת. ואח שלה גם. ;;
-נשבר הלב עוד קצת-
ארוס! ;;

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אח שלה המאהב הסאדיסט והבלונדיני שלי 3> מתוק שכמוהו 3>
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אבל נכון שלג'ק יהיה יותר תפקיד בהמשך? );
-פאנגירל רשמית-

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כ... כן. I GUESS. אחרת זה היה ממש חסר פואנטה. LOL. לא בפרק שלושה-ארבעה-עשרה פרקים הקרובים. *כאפה* סתםסתם, לא בשלושה שכבר כתבתי בכל אופן. למרות שהוא די טיפש בפרק שאחרי הבא. >_>; *ספויילריםםםםיאיי*

אבל אני באמת ממש אוהבת את אח של איזבל, הוא חמוד שכזה. >: בפרקים הבאים לפחות 3> והוא רכושני וכיפי 3>
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ו, אמ, נכון לעכשיו סופר רשע?D:

-הרגשה שעתידה לשנות את דעתה- ;;

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מה אני אגיד, הייתה לו השפעה רעה. XD
לא, הוא מתרכך קצת, ממש ממש קצת בהמשך. XD
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פרק 6. יפורסם עוד אחד בהמשך השבוע כי אני בחופשששש! ♥☺

“hey there little guy… are you hungry?” the little kitten watched me with a pair of turquoise eyes as I handed it a small piece of sausage I managed to steal earlier, and even though it was a very tempting treat, he did not move an inch. I tried to befriend that kitten for a couple of weeks now, he was a bit bigger now, but stubborn as ever.
“I’m not hungry, so I’ll give this to you!” I said, trying to get the slightest sign of affection from the little creature, but the only thing I got was a scratch and to watch it rob the last piece of food I had. After he took the sausage and ran away, I was finally left alone, or so I thought until a couple of creepy men came out of the shadows of the little alley I made my home in.
It’s been… well, about two years since I ran away from home, which at first was just a childish deed and got much too complicated.
Back to the two men – they were now going toward me, smiling at me in a way I thought was a bit… wicked.
“That was a nasty little kitten, wasn’t it?” one said, looking at my bleeding hand, “come here, we need to make sure you are not hurt…”
“I don’t need help!” I said and looked away, though it really hurt badly, and, after the shock of really seeing a human being in my turf passed, I actually wanted to take a better look at them, to get a bit of human warmth.
“You don’t seem sure about that…” he said and smiled. “Come here, I’ll bandage it, you’ll look very cool…”
“At least come out into the light so we can see you.” Said the other one, a bit less patiently.
“I don’t want to.” My mom told me not to talk to strangers, stealing and stuff was okay, but not talking, because, she said, there were some very mean people out there. People who do bad stuff…
The two whispered amongst themselves, then, the one with the nicer voice started to come closer.
“You live here alone?” he said, “it must be hard, you should come with us, we have a very nice place with a lot of food, and a warm bed you can sleep in, you will take a nice bath and eat, then you can go wherever you want, okay?”
It was very tempting; my mouth was wet just from thinking about the food. But it was like trying to lure a kitten with a piece of sausage, I wanted to catch it and play with it, wouldn’t they want to do the same?
“Are… are you bad people?” I asked, it was a stupid question because if they were, they’d probably lie about it, but I was so naïve…
They looked at each other, the nicer one got closer.
“Do I look like someone bad? We just can’t have you living out here on the street, it’s too sad.”
I think that I knew he was lying, that he was hiding something behind his back, that I should’ve been scared of them.
But it was too tempting to act like the cat – snatch whatever they have for me and then run away, I could do that, couldn’t I? And if they’re lying I’ll find a way to escape before they do anything to me, I must have been faster than them, they won’t be able to catch me.
I got out of the shadows, it was a long time since I got to look at the sun or look at myself in its light, and it kind of surprised me to see just how filthy I was, I was also covered with bruises and scratches.
The nicer man smiled, the other one plugged his nose.
“I’m not taking it in the car.” He tried to whisper in the nicer man ear, but I heard, he called me an ‘it’, like I was some kind of object or animal, it was then when I started to worry a bit.
“I’m human.” I told him, I was a bit insulted, and they looked at me worryingly.
“Of course you are, he didn’t mean it like that.”
I got closer to them, carefully avoiding the mean, big guy. “Do you really have food for me?” I asked and didn’t stop there: “and a bed? A bath?
“A bath, definitely a bath.” The man said, and grabbed my hand fiercely; as if afraid I’ll suddenly change my mind and flee.
But, unfortunate for me, I didn’t.

It took less than ten minutes for me to fall asleep in the back seat of their warm car, on the comfortable seats which was separated by a thin glass partition from the front seats;
They were talking, and I was listening to their dim voices while the car rushed on the road, I could not understand a word.
I think it took a quite long while to get to their destination, because I was woken a couple of times during the ride because of bumps on the road and the voices of the two talking getting louder, and every time the digital clock on the pointers board showed a different time.
“Kid, wake up.” A big hand shook me suddenly after a while, forcing me out of my half asleep state. I looked up at him, it was another man, and the other two were gone.
“…are we there yet?” I asked quietly while getting up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.
“Yes, yes we are.” He said and helped me on my feet, a bit too forcefully than needed. “Now we should hurry up, or all the food will be gone.”
‘There’ was a small alley, even smaller than my alley, only a bit cleaner, and there was a big door in one of the walls, and that’s, apparently, where he was taking me.
“Wa… wait a minute…” I tried to release my hand from his grip, staring at the intimidating door. “What is this place? I… I don’t want to go inside…”
He tightened his hand over my wrist; he suddenly had a very, weird, scary smile on his face.
“You don’t have a saying in this now, do you?” he opened the door and shoved me inside.
I fell on the floor, realizing a bit by bit what was happening, what I got myself into.
“Let me go!” I demanded and got up, running as fast as I could toward the door that was closed behind me, trying to open it, but it was already locked.
“Let me out!!!” I started to scream, “I want to go! I want home!!!” the tears burned in my eyes as I banged on the door.
A sudden shock of electricity went through my body and pushed me back onto the floor, this time I stayed there and cried, I wanted to go home, I cried for my mother for about an hour before I managed to remember that she was gone, that she didn’t want me, that I didn’t have a home.
Instead, I started to beg to an invisible someone who must have been listening to me that I wanted out, that I’d do anything to get out; I hated that small, suffocating room.
One other door suddenly got open, letting a bit of light to shine through.
“Are you done crying already?” asked a voice beyond the door, “I can’t stand crying, it’s no good.”
I looked up, the man talking came into the room, he was tall and had an almost too thin structure; especially his face – looking more like a skeleton than anything else.
He wore a white lab-coat and held a big, threatening wooden rod.
“Get up, I need to check you.” He said, “See if you have any downgrading diseases, it’d be a real shame if you do after we went through so much to finally caught you, won’t it?”
He came closer to me, fishing from his cloak pocket a small kit, when he opened it I saw it was full of needles. Long needles.
“No! I don’t want to!!!” I yelled and got up, running to the far door, only just before I managed to get away, the wooden rod he had strapped to his belt hit my legs, failing me.
“Stay right where you are and I won’t break this on your head, okay?” he said in a disgusted tone and leaned next to me, pulling out one needle out of his kit.
“Just a tad bit of blood… there.” He said after a short while, stabbing my arm with it without mercy, “that’s it. See, that didn’t hurt that much now did it? Let’s vaccinate you now… don’t want you to get any sicker now would we? That scratch looks like it could get polluted.”
That one needle from before looked much less intimidating compared to the monsters he pulled out now.
“stand on your knees…” he said, checking if the fluid flowed through the needle, I growled quietly and kept still, determined not to do anything he said, I couldn’t give up on getting away, and rebelling was very reasonable for me at the moment, at least – it was until he hit me with the rod again.
“Get. Up.” He said in a threatening manner, pulling me up from my shirt to the position he wanted me in.
“Leave me alone!!!” I shouted, trying to get away from his grip, he, in respond, hit me again and without a word pulled down my pants and stuck the long needle in that area, it didn’t hurt that much, but I, being me, screamed like a girl at the moment, provoking him into hitting me again, much stronger this time.
“Shut up, you big, annoying baby. Smaller children than you take it more maturely.” He said, “Ugh, I fucking hate this job.”
He let me dress myself while leaning on the wall, examining me with one eyes open.
“How long have you been on the street?” he asked eventually, he looked genuinely interested, so I let him know, looking away from him.
“Two whole years? That is a really long time. You kept yourself very well; you’d imagine a nice looking, little boy like you would lose that on the first week.”
He looked thoughtful. “That’s actually good, people like your kind, and you’ll sell in a blink of an eye, or, at least, they’ll earn a lot from just selling the right to take it from you…”
I gulped, his eyes inspected me hungrily.
“Yes… yes indeed, a lot of money. The auction tomorrow shall be interesting…” he mumbled to himself, getting out of the room, leaving me there, confused and scared.

Finally. They left…
I looked at the ceiling, so clean, so white…unlike me, dirty and disgusting. I closed my eyes, falling into darkness.
The pain refused to go away, I couldn’t escape it no matter what I did, and it was there all the time, everywhere.
I shuddered and got up, I was naked and it was cold and I really had to find something to wear before Jack or Isabel came home.
I had a somewhat salty taste in my mouth – and I couldn’t bear the thought of the things they made me do, it was too much, way too much, I had to run away, I had to get away, I couldn’t stay there.
Jack didn’t return yet, why didn’t he return yet?! I wanted to scream, to call him, I wanted help, I wanted to tell him everything, I wanted to cry to him, I wanted him to say that everything was okay… why wasn’t he returning?
I leaned on the wall, my legs hurt too much to carry me to the door, let alone run away.
“Jack… please help me…” I whimpered at the empty air before me, “Why is it happening here too? Didn’t you say it was going to be okay? Why…”
I managed to pick up my clothes, slightly torn, but not too much to be worn.
The floor was mostly cleaned up, nobody could have seen that somebody had gone under an impossible torture here, I almost wondered if it all wasn’t just a very bad dream, if this pain wasn’t just from years over years of abuse.
No, it was too much to be just that, way too much.
I found myself sway on my legs towards the small room Jack gave me, small as it was – it was warm, had a bed and a closet Jack filled with clothes chosen with a horrible taste, and unlike anything else in the world - it was mine.
I fell on the bed, curling up and crying into the pillow like I’ve never cried in my life, not after my first time nor the second time did I cry as much as now, did I feel so humiliated as now, so pained…
A door slam alerted me and I wiped the tears immediately, I couldn’t let anyone see me cry, I was not a little child anymore, I should have been acting more maturely, I shouldn’t have cried…
Instead, I pretended once more to be asleep, it wasn’t hard since I was, indeed, very tired. Posing became reality after just a few minutes, in which I did not learn the identity of the one entering the apartment, and actually did not really care.

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אוו אני גם ככה כולי הארטסרוקן וזה עשה אותי יותר עצובה ;__;
ארוס מסכן וחמוד שכמוהו ;;;;;;;

אבל, אמ. שמתי לב לכמה שגיאות אצלך, בהתחלה בעיקר(אח"כ כבר הפסקתי לשים לב לשום דבר שהוא לא עלילה XD)
כתב blooding במקום Bleeding, והיו עוד כמה דברים.. אבל אני מניחה שזה בקטנה ואני סתם קטנונית ם:

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מה? וואו, זה כאב XD
ואני דווקא עברתי על הפרק הזה מלא לפני שפרסמתי אותו ;_; אוף. נעבור עליו עוד פעם.
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אהה סליח לא התכוונתי, אה, להכאיב ;__;~~~

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להפך, היערות כאלה הן מה שמשפר סופר (בהנחה שקראת את מה שכתבתי בישראטאקו על תגובות בונות?)
הכאב היה כי לא מצאתי את זה בעצמי ושכתבתי את זה ככה מלכתחילה. P:
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קראתי. די בטוחה שגם הגבתי שם, אבל לא זוכרת XD

...מתי אני מקבלת פרק 6? O:

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את מתכוונת ל7 XD זה היה 6.
אממ, אני אפרסם את הפרק הבא ביום שבת כנראה, אני פשוט רוצה לפרסם את הפרקים בכל מקום באותו זמן. XD
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